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What Others Say About Life Academy

John 28

The quality of content is absolutely amazing

John 28

The quality of content is absolutely amazing, some things you will not see anywhere. It is the closest thing to perfection to my opinion, I did not expected this to be so mind-blowing. I have been in Life academy for 4 months now. Today I live more stabile, more positive life, and yes my situation with girls have changed buy even beyond that, my health, friendships, really big overall impact.
Daniel 24

You MUST get Life Academy

Daniel 24

The missing component to success, to unlimited happiness, let’s call is Life Intelligence can be built in LIFE ACADEMY. No need to live for 60 years to gain in, I am only 20 and I have more LQ than 30 yo guys. If you are not satisfied from your life, even if you are only “ok” with your life right now, but you want to live the best life you possibly can, you MUST get Life Academy.
Steve 35yo

DayGame course is Awesome

Steve 35yo

After going through conversational course which is awesome, I decided to specialise in Day Game. I live on beach and I have girls right in-front of building where I live. Day Game module has 13 steps, and covers almost all situations that can happen during daytime. Cafes, stopping moving girls, restaurants, malls, and most important for me Beach approaches. Badboy has this amazing 3step technique for Beach approaches that I use on daily basis. My favorite is hands on table and beach approach.
Igor 45

Relationship courses are WOW

Igor 45

Wow course. This module is the perfect continuation of Club and Day Game.
You get a phone number, then what? This is where Dating course comes in. Badboy teaches you everything about how to set up an dates, where to take her, what to talk about, how to get her home and start an relationship with that girl. How to frame those relationship into fuck buddies or girlfriends. I was really impressed with quality of content and information given. Well worth checking it out if you are interested into dating & relationship management.
Mark 48

I finally get it!

Mark 48

No company never did this, actually, most company speak about women like they are inferior human being “women don’t know what they want”…Badboy acknowledges their opinion, he knows how important that is to see things from the other perspective. I discovered a lot of new things, a lot of questions answered by the women, you can see their similarities in perspectives and the differences between this 3 types of girls, and you learn how to seduce right each one of them. Female Mindset course will explain you everything about woman.
Philip 33

Diet & Nutrition changed the way I eat

Philip 33

Diet & nutrition course came to Life academy last month, with this amazing guy Branimir. Next morning I watched it and immidiatly throw to trash all bad junk stuff I had in my house, started paying attention to what I eat, within few days I had more energy, I felt better.
They don’t bullshit in those courses, they give you basic theory and then directly how to implement this into your life.

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Dan is a writer, mentor motivational speaker, world awarded Life-coach. His life story inspired millions of men around the world. Dan has been coaching for the past 20 years. He coached some of the most successful people in this world, members of the Royal Familly, athletes, entrepreneurs.

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    The special track made by our Dj, created for dates. Music-packed with hidden sexual messages will increase sexual tension in the room and make all woman who's listening to it horny!

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    Learning from other members is key. Network with like minded successful individuals and participate in knowledge sharing group with men who already got life you want. This is a special lifestyle Mastermind and it's included for FREE with your membership.


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